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At Osce, we strongly believe a project is best served when we are involved at the design phase. A clear construction process and “speed-to-market” delivery are key ingredients to the project’s successful completion. It’s at this point that we can fully understand the owner’s vision, make suggestions, and define the appropriate balance with respect to schedule, cost and quality of construction. Our goal is to work closely together to ensure a successful and positive experience from start to finish.


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When all components of project delivery are spearheaded by Osce, we will avoid unnecessary cost, stay on schedule and effectively deliver the owner’s vision. During the construction phase, Osce works as contractor assuming the risk under the contract. This eliminates conventional client headaches including coordinating multiple contracts and managing third-party liability.

colorado new home builder


We stand behind our work. That means being there to walk you through managing our product and ensuring the quality of our craftsmanship over time. We will always be there to guarantee your satisfaction and are committed to building a long-lasting relationship with each client.